Friday, December 16, 2005

Pfizer (PFE) bottomed out at $20 early this week. It does not have the same lawsuit exposure as Merck (MRK) and it just won a patent case vs. Indian drug manufacturer Ranbaxy. After hours this evening it is over $25. Go back and look at how many times PFE has rallied up 25% in one week. I bet you can count it on one hand in your lifetime. Buy, Buy, Buy!!
The best way to make use of any financial publication--be it Barrons, WSJ, IBD, The Financial Times, is to save any interesting article which focuses on a company you want to invest in for ONE MONTH. If you plunge in the day of the article, you will almost always pay a schmuck tax for all the hype. If the story is still valid one month from now, you will see it in the charts. If not, Mr. Market will have exposed it for the fraud that it is.!